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Personally selected for quality, price and character by Redmonds of Ranelagh, we're famous for our selection of fine wines from the world's best producers.

Welcome to the special world of Redmonds of Ranelagh; an award winning wine importer located not far from the Royal Canal and Dublin's bustling city centre. For more than forty years we have been exploring the globe in our continuous search to locate, experience and bring to Ireland many of the very finest wines in the world. 

So allow us to invite you to take a look around and discover why we are Dublin's premier wine specialists, and winner of the NOFFLA National Off Licence of the Year award for 2015 too. Again.


Why not drop into our store in Ranelagh today to see our full range of Beers, Spirits and Wines.

It's a tough job you know, but we travel the world for you to find those special winemakers who share the same passion as we do, bringing home their quality, tradition and know-how in every bottle.

We stock hundreds of fine red wines from every corner of the world. For an evening with friends or curled up with a good book, or for a very special occasion, our extensive range boasts great variety and choice. 

With a constantly changing selection, from the delicate to the robust, there's always something new to discover and our expert team will always guide you to perfect wine for the occasion.


Check out our current recommendations

Castillo de Eneriz

This wine balances oaky character with fruitiness and hints of spice with a finish as lengthy as you would expect from a classic reserva.

Mont Rocher Carignan 2014

Beautiful example of the varietal grape, displaying ripe red fruit such as plums and cherries, a hint of cabbage and spicy finish. Juicy, quite low in in alcohol and and very food friendly. A serious wine!

Mar de Lisboa Vinho Tinto

This red wine is soft and fruity, with plenty of richness balanced by its acidity and smoothness.

What could be nicer than a glass of crisp, cool white wine at the end of a hectic day? At Redmonds we can't think of many better ways to pass an evening than with one of our huge selection of fine white wines.


Esporão Pé Branco

This is a dry wine, with citrus aromas and a long finish.

Two Rivers Convergence Sauvignon Blanc

A convergence of flavours from five separate vineyards, this is classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc at its finest. An abundance of blackcurrant, white peach and chalky aromas lead to a palate which is dry and refreshing with great concentration, beautiful fruit purity and moutherwatering acidity.

Cazas Novas Vinho Verde

This wine is intense and alive with very fresh floral citrus and tropical aromas.  Ideal as an aperitif, with fish, seafood, poultry and sushi.

Mont Rocher Viognier 2015

Floral aromas backed up by stone fruit flavours on a spicy Mediterranean dress! With a white peach mid-palate, a round texture and still refreshing, this Viognier is a deliciously simple treat.  

At Redmonds we have a fascination for the unusual; for us it's not just about big-selling global brands. We pride ourselves on our extensive selection of rare, exotic and extraordinary liqueurs, aperitifs and spirits from the world's farthest flung locations.

Gunpowder Gin

Delightfully fresh and rounded upfront with citrus, juniper & spicy notes immediately evident.

Tito's Handmade Vodka

This is America's original Craft Vodka, made in batches using old fashioned pot stills, giving a finish so smooth it can be drank straight.

Jameson Black Barrell

Due to time spent maturing in double charred barrels this whiskey has intensified notes of vanilla sweetness and caramel, alongside toasted wood, fruit, and warm spice

Do we have beers? You bet we do! Our hard working tasters give each one of our constantly changing range of hundreds of fabulous craft beers from all around the world their Redmonds Seal of Approval.


See what we've got in store for you!

Magic Rock Cannonball IPA

This IPA is Tropically fruity with resinous hops that compete against a sweet malty backbone, while a rasping bitterness builds to a mouth puckering crescendo. 

Magic Rock Rapture Red Hop Ale

Rapture is our full-bodied, heavenly hoppy red beer. 5 types of malt and 6 types of hops make for a truly elating experience. Uplifting aromas of grapefruit and pine, combine with pithy orange and tropically citrus flavours which are balanced against a deeply rich and malty body. A satisfyingly dry and crisp finish offers your taste buds redemption.

Magic Rock High Wire Grapefruit Pale Ale

Mango, Lychee and lip-smacking grapefruit flavours harmonise against a smoothly composed malt base, which develops into a crisply bitter finish.

Magic Rock High Wire West Coast Pale Ale

Mango, Lychee and lip-smacking grapefruit flavours harmonise against a smoothly composed malt base, which develops into a crisply bitter finish. 

Magic Rock Salty Kiss Gooseberry Gose

A traditional German style Gose, flavoured with Fruit, Sea Buckthorn and Sea Salt. Tart, lightly sour, fruity and refreshing with a defined saltiness.