“Everything was sold loose out of bins, and we bottled the Guinness ourselves!”

There’s been a Redmonds on Ranelagh Road in Dublin 6, near the triangle, since 1943. It was originally a grocer's shop, run by Mary and Jim Redmond. “Everything was sold loose out of bins, and we bottled the Guinness ourselves,” recalls their son Jimmy, who, along with his brother Aidan now runs Redmonds of Ranelagh; the only Dublin off licence to win the coveted NOFFLA National Off Licence of the Year award - twice!

At Redmonds of Ranelagh we're kicking off summer '16 with our brand new website, and we hope you'll get involved with us too, by joining us at our many regular tasting evenings, held throughout the year, and where you'll be able to experience wines, beers and even a nibble of something tasty and discover new favourites. 

We're really proud to say that we've been National Off Licence of the Year in 2015. That award means a lot to us, and as each year the exacting criteria evolves as new trends emerge, so we put our backs into keeping ahead of the times while providing customer service excellence, and we've fought off some serious competition from all around Ireland to do that. Again.  

If you don't know us, we'll extend a warm Redmonds welcome when you pop down to us in our spacious showroom in Ranelagh Village, just a few minutes from Dublin city centre, and you'll see for yourself what makes us the country's number one, with our amazing selections of wines, beers and spirits. We're a hands-on family owned business, and every one one of us here have an ingrained passion for what we do and how we do it, and so you can expect a genial and professional service anytime you visit.