At Redmonds, we've been championing the cause of the Dublin beer lover for many years.

We stock hundreds of wonderful tasty brews from all around the world - and all around the country! From the passionately brewed artisanal craft beers, produced in small batches to international favourites, our range is constantly changing, and among our huge selection you'll find your newest favourite beer. 

With regular tastings and always great promotions in store, get yourself down to Dublin's leading beer specialist and get involved in this fast growing beer revolution at Redmonds.

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This Months Staff Picks 

Redmonds & Dot MAD IMP STOUT

This gorgeous, unique MAD IMP STOUT has been aged in a freshly emptied Madeira wine and Irish single malt whisky barrel giving it a smooth, rich flavor. Subtle hints of hedgerow and toffee detected.

Lagunitas Super Cluster

An ‘out-of-this-world’ citra-hopped ale. Easy-drinking, delicious and rich in flavour.